The Construction of the Sciotoville Bridge.

 19 Jun 2009

Hello All,

 I have a new project.  I’m building “The Sciotoville Bridge”  Here is a bit of information about this bridge

The Sciotoville is a steel continuous truss bridge across the Ohio River between Limeville, Kentucky and Sciotoville, Ohio in the United States. Designed by Gustav Lindenthal, the bridge was constructed in 1916 by Chesapeake and Ohio Railway subsidiary Chesapeake and Ohio Northern Railway as part of a new route between Ashland, Kentucky and Columbus, Ohio

The bridge is continuous across two 775-foot long spans, and is considered an engineering marvel. It held the record for longest continuous truss span in the world from its opening until 1945.

Today the bridge is used by CSX Transportation, one of the seven major Class 1 railroads operating in North America.


When scaled, the bridge will have to cover a 40 feet span with only one support in the middle.  It will be double track which will make it about 16 inches wide outside to outside and approximately 4 feet at its highest point.  I will post pictures of the progress of the construction of the bridge.

06 Jul 2009

I started working on the bridge last week and this is what I have so far, is not much but at least I got the ball rolling.  I decided that I will build the bridge in 2 sections that will bolt together.  Here are a few pictures.  

 Here I’am laying down parts and measuring things.

Now to the fun part…welding

And after a little while…the first side of the first half of the bridge

By the way that is Johnny helping me with this 20 feet long section.

Wow I just realize I have a lot left to do…

07 Jul 2009

If you guys noticed there is a lot of  lattice work all throught the bridge plus all those trusses within trusses.

I know a fairly easy way of making the lattice; it will still be alot work to do for the whole bridge.  I will only use it at key points to give the bridge a close as possible look to the real thing.

Here is my plan for doing it:

03 Aug 2009

If  you are wondering where is this bridge going.   I will tell you that unfortunately it is not going on my layout, even if I wanted to, I don’t have a big enough property for this bridge.  I’m building the bridge for my friend Charlie in Chillicothe, Ohio.  The bridge will span over a pond and it will be the center piece of his layout. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I’m also building 2 – 3 ft. long deck trusses on each end just like the real one has.

More pictures of the progress:

The first half of the bridge is done…

04 Aug 2009

Finally the bridge is done….

By the way this is bridge is gaining some popularity… Our friends Tony and Nancy stoped by, they wanted to see the bridge after we t old them about it.

Also Robert, Rose and Rob stopped by to see it.

It was hard to get a good shot of the whole length of the bridge.  I hope you guys can see it well enough.

Well that is the G scale version of the Sciotoville Bridge.  Manufactured at Eaglewings Iron Craft, until next time…


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2 Responses to “The Construction of the Sciotoville Bridge.”

  1. littleredhennypenny Says:

    This is insane an amazing! What a great blog. I can’t show my son this…

  2. Michael D Kovalik Says:

    Yes, this bridge is massive. I visited this bridge and walked out to the main entrance taking fotos on the Ohio side. I have a picture of the cast iron commemorative plaque honoring G. Lindenthall..
    Another interesting Ohio river bridge is the Wabash train bridge, connecting Mingo Jct Ohio to Follansbee WV.. This bridge is next to a WV historical marker where G. Washington explored the “Northwest” territory on his way to Fort Pitt, Pittsburgh, circa 1778.
    If interested I can send my fotos to you.
    regards, Michael Kovalik, Westerville, (Columbus) OH.
    my email is kovalik493mdk @ .

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