Grain Elevator – By Freddy Goetz

Grain Elevator


The grain elevator and silos were painted with rust oleum multicolor textured paint; color desert bisque this represented concrete.

First I taped off the frame to leave primer gray to represent concrete cast beams.  The roof was painted flat black.  Next I took the head house on the silos and covered with aluminum sheeting representing corrugated sheeting.  This was made by cutting ends of beer or pop cans off, then cutting down the sides, flattening each can and running each sheet thru a ribbon crimper, then each sheet was cut to scale 3ft by 8 ft and then they were placed on the sides and roof.  Each piece had pinholes punched in with an AWL and glued with clear liquid nails allowing some to ooze thru the holes to form rivets. 

The rail and dump house were done the same way.  The windows were cut from 1/8 in. Lexon scrap pieces and mounted inside with clear liquid nails.  The process in not hard to do.  (Using a rod and painters tape to attach the Lexon sheets then the liquid nails to the edge of the Lexon then reach down inside the building and put in place.)  However the trim was painted first with acrylic brown.  The dust collectors were painted silver


The Mill


The mill was painted with rust oleum multicolor textured paint.  The color desert bisque was used to represent concrete.  The loading dock was taped off and left primer gray to represent cast concrete.  The roof was painted flat black.  The roof over the rail car loading dock was covered with corrugated aluminum; those sheets were cut out of soda cans and put thru a ribbon crimper.  The next step was to make pinholes with AWL and glued in place with clear liquid nails allowing it ooze thru the pinholes to form rivets.  The trim was done with acrylic paints.

Window sheets were cut from 1/8 inch Lexon and mounted inside with liquid nails; except for the elevator housing on the roof (using a rod and painters tape will assist you in placing the windows inside the building when it is on its side.

Finally the warehouse was done the same way.

Water Cranes

Water cranes were painted flat black.  The base plate was painted concrete color.  A three-inch house made from cable protector was glued on for a flexible hose to extend the pipe closer to the tender water hatch.



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