Point of Rocks Train Station

Hello and happy New Year to All,

I hope everyone had a nice year.  Here at Eaglewings we were very fortunate to keep doing what we love especially because we had the chance to work on some very interesting projects all over the country.

We’ll start by sharing with you our Point of Rocks Train Station.  It all started with Jack a club member of the National Christmas Tree Railroad.  After the club ordered some buildings and accessories from Eaglewings;  Jack called and wanted to know if we could help him bring to life his idea of a replica of the Station, to which we gladly said yes.  Jack had always been fascinated by the Station and decided to include it on the club’s annual display at the National Christmas Tree.

The  Point of Rocks Railroad Station is a historic passenger rail station on the MARC Brunswick Line between Washington, D.C. and Martinsburg, WV.  The station was built by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in 1873, and designed by E. Francis Baldwin. It is a two and one-half story, triangular Gothic Revival with a four-story tower and a one and one-half story wing at the base. The tower has a pyramidal roof containing a dormer on each side. On top is a square cupola supporting a pyramidal peaked roof.

The Point of Rocks Railroad Station was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, and reopened for the Maryland Rail Commuter Service established the Brunswick Line.

Some time before we started this project we became good friends with Dennis Denray.  He had been recommending a 3D program to expand  and improve our design capabilities.  When we came across this project we knew Dennis was right.  To start this project we had to learn a whole new program!  Thanks to Dennis who gave Oscar a crash course and guided him thru the designing process of the station; we were able to create the replica and so the construction began

First we are going to start with the completed 3D model.

This is a view of some the flat parts used to build the Station.

After the parts were cut we could start welding the parts together.

And finally the Point of Rocks replica made out of 16 gauge sheet metal.

After the main structure was completed it was time to add the accents that gave a lot of character to the station such as:  The chimneys, the decorative gussets around the porch and lattice on the second floor windows to mention just a few of them.   And then the model was powder coated with rust resistant primer ready to be decorated.

While the model was being built, Dennis was working on making acrylic windows and doors for the model.  Each window and door is composed of 3 pieces set that locks in the steel opening.


And Finally the pictures of the Station at the National Christmas Tree Display in Washington just a couple of days before the lighting of the tree.



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