Coal Tiple

We would like to present a new “G scale” train structure, this new building is a multi-level “Coal Tipple” that also includes a detached “Power room” and a “small shed”.  This new structure was conceived by our friend Jack from Tucson.  Jack stumbled on a kit  for “HO Scale” that immediately caught his eye; the problem was that his layout is a G Scale garden railroad.  Jack being an architect started drawing plants to start building this structure for his layout in G Scale.

Coal Tiple, side view.

Coal Tipple, side view.

After Jack was done with the plans, (which took quite a bit of time according to Jack’s wife) he realized that this structure was going to be a fairly good sized building.  Jack’s plan for building the tipple was to build the structure himself out of wood, however if he made it out of wood he would have to store it inside for part of the year to protect the building from the abrasive Arizona weather.  At this point Jack remembered how Eaglewings had made some metal bridges and buildings for other club members of the Tucson Garden Railroad Society.

Jack’s next step was to contact us to set up a meeting to discuss his project.  We got together and reviewed his drawings we talked about how he envisioned the tipple to be constructed and how it was going to be incorporated to his layout.

And so we started working on this new project, first Oscar took the plans and made the changes necessary to cut the different components to fabricate the structures.  Next it was time for Johnny to start putting the sides together to form the buildings,  Once the main structure was finished it was time to add all the trimming details (sometimes these details are easy to underestimate but in our opinion these details make a big difference in the appearance of any building)


In the mean time we gave plans to Dennis from “Denray Machinery” so he could cut a 3 piece window set for each window as well as doors. The doors and windows were also a very nice addition to the building.

We have to say we are happy with the end result of this project, and from what we hear Jack is “very pleased” as well.  Thanks to Jack and the guys here at Eaglewings we can make this building available to our customers.  The Coal Tipple can be a nice addition to any  Garden Railroad.  The package consist of the Main building structure, the Power House, and a Small shed all powder coated with rust resistant gray primer.  The package also comes with a set of windows and doors for every building.


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