The Construction of the Sciotoville Bridge.

August 10, 2009

 19 Jun 2009

Hello All,

 I have a new project.  I’m building “The Sciotoville Bridge”  Here is a bit of information about this bridge

The Sciotoville is a steel continuous truss bridge across the Ohio River between Limeville, Kentucky and Sciotoville, Ohio in the United States. Designed by Gustav Lindenthal, the bridge was constructed in 1916 by Chesapeake and Ohio Railway subsidiary Chesapeake and Ohio Northern Railway as part of a new route between Ashland, Kentucky and Columbus, Ohio

The bridge is continuous across two 775-foot long spans, and is considered an engineering marvel. It held the record for longest continuous truss span in the world from its opening until 1945.

Today the bridge is used by CSX Transportation, one of the seven major Class 1 railroads operating in North America.

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Wild Eagle Rail Road

June 24, 2009

Dan Hoag’s Wild Eagle Railroad
Established 1997

This railroad began as a few small loops around a pond in the backyard. It didn’t take long for it to grow into one of the largest and most elaborate garden railroads that you will find in the Phoenix area, with over 500 feet of track.

The railroad snakes its way through series of towns in various geographical settings, representing any/all time periods. There are three loops (all connected), switches, tunnels, and sidings, each with their own role to play in the operation of this railroad. There is also a cog railway (going up the mountain), and several reversing units working nonstop in both major sections of the railroad. The railroad has multiple power sources; battery power for the main part of the railroad, and track power for the two cog lines and the reversing units.

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My empty Spot

June 24, 2009

Hello Everyone,

 This time I want to show you what I did to this one spot in my layout that has been empty for a while.  I had no idea of what I could have there until not to long ago.  This is what I came up with.  

 See if you guys like it and if you have a favorite scene or detail.   I hope they are the same as my favorite details, which some of my friends came up and helped with.


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Eaglewings Housing Project Update

September 15, 2008

Here are some pictures that show the new Eaglewings Houses on our Wild Eagle Railroad.

Now with more detail

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Mainstreet USA

September 12, 2008
Mainstreet USA

Mainstreet USA

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Eaglewings Housing Project

September 8, 2008

Hello Everybody,
Well we have industrial buildings for people to work at. We have downtown buildings with shops and other business where people shop and have fun. But where do all these people live?
Someone has to build houses for all the people who work and shop downtown, all the workers from all the industries that depend on the operation of the train to receive their supplies and to deliver their products.
That’s how we started our new project: Eaglewings House Models. So far we have 5 Houses and 2 Car Garages

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Two New Prototypes from Eaglewings

August 18, 2008

Hello Everyone,
Eaglewings Iron Craft is working on two new G scale buildings. We have the two prototypes put together with no finish yet. We wanted to share them with you and get your valuable opinion.

The first one is a Freight Station (T – 4, Train Structure 4). The platform is 17” long by 10 – 1/2 “wide. The Building is 10” long by 9” wide by 6 – ½ “tall.

Freight Platform

Freight Platform

Freight Platform (Side 2)

The second building is a Passenger Station (T – 5, Train Structure 5). This one is 24” long by 13 – ½” wide by 15” tall.

Passenger Station (Front)

Passenger Station (Back)

One thing that we’re doing differently to our buildings is that now instead of having a glossy powder coated finish; we’ll have them powder coated with a rust resistant primer so that it can be detailed easier and will have the extra rust protection.

We are really looking forward to hearing what you think about them.

Eaglewings Line of Bridges – How it all began

June 3, 2008




Bridges were the first product that Dan created when he began this hobby and joined a garden railroading club. He visited a few layouts and attended meetings to get ideas for his layout which is now the Wild Eagle Railroad. After seeing several layouts and reading tons of garden railroad magazines, he noticed that there weren’t any steel bridges, and since bridges are made out of steel, and he had a welding shop, it didn’t take long for him to start designing G scale bridges.

 At this point, they weren’t created for any business purpose; it was mainly to trade with other people in the club to get some help with things he didn’t know about. He started taking them to club meetings, and he designed them to see peoples’ reactions and hear their opinions. He got some good feedback, and was surprised when people asked to buy them right then and there. Dan didn’t even have an idea of what to charge for them at that point!

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Hello world – We are Eaglewings Iron Craft

March 19, 2008

Dan Hoag is the owner and founder of Eaglewings Iron Craft, established in 1983.

Dan’s love for trains began when he was a child growing up in a railroad town – Montpelier, OH.  This love of trains was rekindled when he obtained an old HO train set he and his brother had as kids. He quickly took over the garage of his house with a large HO layout, complete with mountains and bridges.  It was a fun, but rather impractical hobby for a man in a very small house, so he began to explore the possibility of switching passions to a larger scale model train set.In 1995, for Christmas, he bought a G-scale train to put around the Christmas tree – and he was hooked! In 1996, he joined a local train club, went to a few train shows, and added a little more to his train collection; in 1997, he built the first branch of the Wild Eagle Railroad in his backyard.

 Because he was already creatively minded in his welding business, designing everything from weight equipment to security screen doors, it was a very natural leap to begin creating accessories for his new outdoor layout.  He started by creating metal bridges for his own layout, and sold a few to some train club friends. He discovered that there was no other company that designed and fabricated steel bridges for O and G scale trains, so he immediately began sketching and creating bridge designs to sell to railroad hobbyists.  These bridges were unlike any other commercial product available at that time – they were sturdy, authentic looking, weather resistant, and were all custom-built to fit the layout owners’ specifications.

He also designed and created ceiling/wall mounted overhead train systems made entirely of steel, as well as portable layouts for train clubs. These were all very well received by the garden railroad community, and he then began marketing them, along with the train bridges, to sell at conventions, and advertising them in magazines. Read the rest of this entry »